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Did you know that Parkinson’s is a stress disease – and a lot of other diseases are as well?
Your symptoms are very closely related to the stress in your life. The more stress – the bigger or more prolonged the symptoms. That is why I call it a stress disease.

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My right arm and hand are better, I shake about 80% less. My handwriting has improved. I can brush my teeth with my right arm again after 7 years.

I have reduced my medication at least 25% (madopar and entacapone).

I have more courage to keep my job, One more important thing is I’m excited and anticipating the next little bit of progress. Before treatment I was thinking of when I would have to increase my medicine dose.

Michael Pedersen

Lilian is here to bust up old patterns and assumptions and evolve our way of thinking about stress and chronic illness.
Lilian does not base her approach on foregone assumptions about the mechanics of Parkinson’s Disease.

Lilian looks at each person individually and looks at each symptom as an overactive symptom of stress. She has developed a multi-step program to begin to alleviate the symptoms of chronic disease. The beginning point is the recognition that there is hope.

Nicole St. Arnoud

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