1. Have you been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease?
  2. Are you really sorry for the diagnosis?
  3. Do you have the time and willpower to do something?
  4. Are you ready to prioritize this work for a while?

I have several clients diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, which is stepping slowly out of their medication because many of the symptoms are stress-related. This part of the symptoms I can help you to remove.

For you who still are in doubt, please read the following material that I have found.

10 years ago you could do nothing about Parkinson. Now it is accepted that healthy food and exercise can delay the development of the disease, so now most Parkinson people are doing maybe two hours of exercise a week. So a thinker as I start to wonder: If 2 hours of exercise can delay the symptoms, what would happen if they did 2 hours every day… or 5 hours a day?

Modern thinking states that with healthy food (1), exercises(2), mental developing(3), and daily stress reduction(4) you can come even closer to what you want. Namely to be in control of your disease. If you do nothing you get worse and if you do improve in one or more of the four you get better.

Let the following arguments and articles benefit yourself, just to take on the good beliefs will make you feel better and take actions that will benefit you.

What if the disease is not chronic?

What if science just looks in the wrong direction? It would not be the first time in history. In 200 years people will consider the medicine of today rude and old fashioned. When we look back 200 years we look at doctors using chemicals that now we consider dangerous, that evolvement will of course continue.

How can you be sure something can be done? There are actually examples of people getting healed.

And remember when one person can improve, others can of course also be better:

In Denmark, there are not a lot of examples.

A man called Henrik, who became symptom-free in a television show about alternative healing.
We have a woman called Hanne who treated herself. And I found a woman that brought the doctor to a trial as she claimed that she was treated for Parkinson by a mistake, maybe she just got better.

So why are there not more people getting better?

  1. If you have got the diagnosis no one keeps an overall record of how fast people are getting worse or if they are not getting worse.
  2. If a person gets healthy again, the doctor will simply say that they have got the diagnosis by a mistake. So no one can ever learn about these rare cases.
  3. If you start taking medicine, they have some side effects. Sometimes it is the same as the Parkinson disease and sometimes it is new strange side effects like the one called dyskinesias.

Here is a link to a small video about Larry who gets medical cannabis

and does not have symptoms 3 minutes after ingestion. The effect lasts for some hours.

Perhaps Parkinson’s is not as degenerative as previously thought. If it were, he could not get better just 5 minutes. I do not want you to use cannabis oil which in my eyes is just another way to hide your symptoms.
I’d rather teach you how to get a new lifestyle where you get back to inner peace. Because this is simply what the oil does to you. It gives you some hours where you are 100% relaxed.

EFT and NLP coaching has other ways to give you the same results namely inner peace, that last for the rest of your life. Get your hope back.
Here’s an article that stress can trigger Parkinson’s.

If the disease is actually caused by stress, you can feel better by reducing your stress !! Among a few arguments that Parkinson’s is different than the doctors think:

Here’s an article that tells us that Parkinson’s disease can be diagnosed early in sleep behavior disorder (a REM sleep disorder) (= nightmare activity in the brain)
Here’s an article that tells us that PTSD is characterized by sleep behavior disorder (We fully accept that people with PTSD have nightmares.)
Perhaps the two diseases are more in the family with each other than we think now? Maybe Parkinson’s a kind of PTSD? Perhaps you have been injured when you were young, which caused you some kind of stress?

Here’s a link to how to get better with electro Magnetic treatment
Here’s a link to where you get the same treatment if you have depression

Perhaps the two diseases are similar to each other more than we think now since the same device can treat two different diseases?

I think Parkinson’s disease is in line with depression and PTSD. If you open up for it to be an option, there are a lot of things you can do to get better. 

There is not only ONE way to get better because we are all different. Most important for you is to get the hope and go into action. Here I can help you, learn you to heal from stress, and set a direction in regard to your special problems and symptoms.

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