This post is for people that know that their tremors/symptoms get worse when they are stressed or people who have had some traumas in their life.
There is new hope for this new perspective on the disease.
Here is a link to the video:

It is about a Danish guy named Michael 54 years, who has had Parkinson’s disease for ten years, stage 2 (just stepping down in working time).

I have been coaching him for some time, not knowing what my skills could do for him.  But every time I could leave him without a tremor.

We have addressed a lot of his old trauma, and the tremor is reduced. And he has reduced his medicine intake. After this video was recorded, he wrote to me that he is down to half dopamine intake compared to when we started the coaching/therapy session.

In my last post, I wrote that I once saw him going in and out of tremor and found out that it depended on what he was thinking.

When he was thinking about his stressful work where he had piles of paper waiting the next day, he always started having tremors.
And I started to investigate his thoughts. As long as he is thinking about what is going on in the room we were sitting in he is in peace with no tremor.

In this recording, he has had a bad tremor for three days. I ask why.

We find out that three days ago he went to a cafe where he started shaking. He was nervous about other people’s thoughts about him shaking, and he was trying to hide his tremor. After this, he could not stop the tremor.

In my biological perspective, he, in these situations, is building up stress hormones (adrenaline), and he could not get rid of them for several days.

First, I help him with faster EFT (Emotional Freedom Technics), and it helps for some minutes (EFT reduce stress hormones).
Then we address the situation at the cafe. I help him to accept the situation: Yes, of course, people stare at him.

We are as biological creatures hardwired to look for abnormal people and situations to avoid being killed. But as soon as the cafe guests are reassured that there is no danger, they relax and concentrate on their family and friends.

By this thought Michael relax and surrender to the situation, it is OK that people look for danger, it is OK if children come and ask him why he is shaking.

This peaceful state of acceptance and surrender is the state that you see in the video clip that he “return” to after having tremor.

I look forward to telling you more in the next post as we last week made a big step forward,  and I got an SMS from him: “only a slight tremor.”

It is happening – and honestly – I am learning a lot too. So I will be faster in my help to the next Parkinson person reducing his stress – Glenn. A shame takes so long to prepare the videos.
But I am so sure in my theory now that I dare to post videos before he is improving.

You are welcome to join my Facebook group, where I have a lot of links that support my theory.

When there are people enough, I will start holding webinars about my thoughts

Link to video about Michael and his shaking and peace:

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