On this page, I collect positive stuff I have found around in my search for support to my theory

The strong belief that Parkinson’s cannot get better only worse is the biggest showstopper for your healing. Be course why do something when everybody thinks it is not possible. For this reason, I collect positive articles and videos so you can start the process of changing your belief

The placebo effect

Here is a 53 min long video about the placebo effect. The placebo effect is not a strange thing. It is your body’s way to cure yourself. You use it when you have a cold or flu. We just need to think about it from a bigger perspective.

At first sight, it has nothing to do with chronic diseases. But

A woman who has healed herself with 3 hours of Qi Gong a day.

Qi Gong is a Chinese “sport” that is a “cousin” to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technic) which I use. It is also a “cousin” to yoga.

I think we can learn several things from this video.

  1. It is possible to get better from a chronic disease.
  2. It takes several hours a day and persistence for a long period to make a big difference in your symptoms.
  3. It is doable with “sports” that drag your tempo down, like Qi Gong, yoga and meditation. Doing Qi Gong for hours and hours will force you down in speed., and your body will slowly learn to remain in a state of peace.

But it is probably not the first couple of times your body slow down. It takes time to reach peace.

I of cause think it is a shortcut to reduce stress via trauma treatment. But there are several ways out of diseases. And it is important to choose the one you believe in to be persistent long time enough to get a result.

Placebo in television show

Here is a video with Derren Brown. I might in the first look like he is talking about pills.But the show is about the placebo effect. The body’s ability to heal if you believe in the treatment. When you believe in something you are calm. And when you are calm you automatically start producing good hormones.

Good hormones=no symptoms

Placebo - Cracking the code

Here is a one-hour long video about the placebo effect. If you want to see scientists talking about it. this is the video. Late in the video, there is a psychologist who cures a male with some severe skin problems. Late in the video, we see a psychologist finds out that it is an incurable disease the male had. It should not be possible. Let go of your old belief of what is curable and what not and start working on your own disease. And the clue from me is that a big part of it is stress, which you can reduce a lot.

How your mind heal your body

I am very interested in the placebo effect.
It is not something strange. It is the body’s power to heal itself IF we think we get help. Strange. No, not at all. Because if we think we get the help we get out of stress – come nearer to inner Peace. And when we are in peace we produce dopamine.
So, When I treat Parkinson people that is what I use the time to. Reduce stress and learn the body how peace feels. A lot of people have been stressed most of their life and can hardly remember how peace feels.
The article is about the placebo effect in Parkinson People.

Placebo and Parkinsons disease

If you google Placebo and Parkinson’s disease you get at least a handful of articles. Below is just one random one. It claims that the placebo effect is “particularly prominent in pain, depression and Parkinson’s disease”

That means that ANY given medication/medical treatment will help you. Maybe not as much as dopamine but it will help you.

Why do I use so much energy in this group on the placebo effect?

  1. because my guess is that most of you are still sure that there is nothing to do about the disease.
  2. because all this tells you that you are perfectly capable of producing dopamine.

My theory is that you, in general, are living in a mental gear of stress and producing adrenaline.

As you cannot produce Adrenalin at the same time as dopamine you have a problem. Long term adrenaline production makes the body “tired” I have no better word.

If you start laughing, dancing, doing the exercise you either stop producing adrenaline or use it up. And both give your body the chance to produce dopamine and your symptoms stop. That is why “the world” are now telling you to exercise.

But it was even better to find out why you are stressed.

Do not underestimate the power that childhood traumas, accidents, and bad relationship have on your current state.

When I treat Parkinson Patient or other chronic diseases I use coaching and therapy to reduce the stress here and now and remove one trauma after the other. Like rubber bands around a sponge, the body is freed slowly and go from producing adrenaline to producing more and more dopamine.

Karen keeping her Parkinsons symptoms away

Here is an article about a woman who can keep her Parkinson symptom to a minimum with hard training and meditation.
This fits well into MY theory. As hard exercise uses all the excess adrenaline in your body, and meditation gets her into inner peace. She must continue doing it not to get the symptoms to flare up again.
For a few people, this is enough to get healed as the body “learn” that peace is the best state to be in.
Most people must like Karen constant reduce the adrenaline in their body.
According to my theory, it is possible to find and eliminate the root cause of why the body produces adrenaline by coaching and therapy.

But stories like this can help to break the old belief, that nothing can be done.

People getting help from boxing.

In my biological viewpoint, it is due to the fact that you react to your stress response and fight. You use your adrenaline in the body as it is meant to be. But it can be hard for people that are caught in flight or freeze response not having the right aggression that fits the fight stress response. If you are caught in flight other forms of sport might be more appealing. If you are caught in freeze I would try big movements, singing, dancing as that support your body believing that you are in safe surroundings.


Healing in nature.

Take a long Walk – the longer the better. Are you not used to walking, start with half an hour. When you walk for 2 hours or more you go down n  in a nearly meditative state and become one with your body. Remember we are born to walk for hours to find food.  That is why it is so good for us.  If you could walk for 3 hours each day for a year you would probably get a  Lot Better. Impossible you say? Read one of the post below about a Dane with sclerosis that healed herself running 42 km each day for a year.      

What do you prefere: Healing or no symptoms?

I just had an argument with a person that said that he did not believe that I could cure Parkinson’s disease in a person. In the end, he agreed that I could reduce the symptoms by reducing stress in the person.

So help me: what is most important to you?

  1. That you get healed or
  2. That you have no symptoms and eat no pills.

I might have misunderstood something. For me, these two sentences is so close to each other, that I cannot tell the difference. What do you think

Online stress course

A collection of videos about getting out of stressing and mindfulness wrapped as an 8 weeks course.  But you can click around.

  • When you are stressed you produce adrenaline and you are having symptoms according to the biological freeze and flight stress response. That is why your symptoms vary during the day and week.

So to get better you can train hard to reduce adrenaline, OR/AND train to be calm using yoga/meditation/qi-gong or similar. OR you can reduce old traumas (this is difficult to do yourself). Of course, eat very healthy and ensure you have no vitamin deficiency.

Why dancing is working? Most people get happy when they are dancing. When you are happy you do not produce adrenaline. So you can dance as well.

I have here a very short list of what you can do to get a lot better. If you google you will find a lot of people that have improved. They have often tried so many things, that it is a little overwhelming to see their lists. I have made this summary of what they do and it is for you to pick one thing on the list and implement it in your daily day. Later take another on the list and implement. I guess that you must use at least two hours a day not just to stop the progress but to get better.

In prioritized order:

1) Get new beliefs:

      A) Believe in your body to be perfect, it is just reacting on a hole life with stress (and traumas) of different sorts.

      B) Believe that you can do something about your situation.

      C) Believe that the science is so good, that they have found the solution if they were not keeping the old dividing in mental and physical diseases (chronic diseases are more mental than most people think).

2) Mental: get rid of all old traumas, worries ( and dissociation – my newest findings)

3) Train to be calm every day: eg: Qi Gong, meditation, garden work, long walks, handcraft

4) Exercising to keep your body young in all different types of sports. Get your pulse up, stretching your body with yoga, long walks, getting stronger

5) Eat healthy to get all vitamins and minerals

6) Go to for example chiropractor/ Rosen technique/ Alexander  technique  if your body is not perfect


Be persistent and note your progress in a diary. Start with the one that appeals the most to you and implements the others. slowly. With one hour a day, I think you can slow down or even stop the progress, with two hours a day you can reverse the symptoms and start getting better.


Please ask questions and comment. And feel free to ask Michael, who I coach and who are clearly improving

Michael Pedersen is improving big time.

In this video and post, you can read about how he is slowly getting the feeling on what to think about to stop his tremor.

When we are having a bigger population in here, I will start having webinars of my thoughts and techniques.

Feel free to invite people.


Here is an article that supports my viewpoint that it is all stress. The symptoms he mentioned are the symptoms you have when you are in fight-flight or freeze states.

As the science say Parkinson is incurable why not give it a try and reduce your stress. 

Please comment and write the first thing you want to try.

There are lots of things to do.

You, of course, get a comment from me


Below is a link to a YouTube search where you can see how big movements help on Parkinson’s symptoms. Why does that help: In my perspective, it is because you trick the brain out of fight, flight and freeze state. When you are doing things one would not do when in danger the body think that you are in a peaceful place. That is dancing, singing, whistle, jumping, shouting and doing big movements. So if you over a period force yourself to do this you will feel better and by this drag yourself out of the freeze, fight and flight stress state.

They say every day in a month before you are certain of a good result.

While you are doing it notice if you feel any guilt, embarrassment or other feelings. You maybe should take care of these feelings, as they are part of the problem.

You keep your voice and movements to the minimum to protect yourself for “dragging attention” to yourself so you will not be hurt of the “tiger” or other persons that could hut you. But it is only your stress instincts that are protecting you. And they do not fit into our modern way of living.


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