One of the worst diseases today is ALS

Here people are not only dealing with a chronic disease. They also have to deal with the devastating belief that they will only survive a few years. We all know Stephen Hawking and that he lived a full timespan of a life. So it is not fair to reduce the hope for these people. One of my friends has a friend that has lived with the disease for more than 30 years. A Canadian named Steven Wells, has had the condition for almost 40 years.

We ought to delete the negative belief to give any individual a fair chance.

Below is a woman that has recovered completely from ALS. Her story is strange but forget about the method. A complete mindset is in my perspective the most important

Below you see two links to people that have recovered to a much better life. And especially in the first video, you can hear about a woman that has worked mentally with herself to get better and by this is being an expert in how to help other people. Dealing with your traumas and stress can help the body to recover.  You can also see her training hard to regain physical strength.

If you stop with the traditional dividing of diseases into mental and physical it will help you a lot to come closer to a solution.

Both links are to people who have made a business out of helping others.  Like my self. You can have feelings about this, but is there another way to help people in the world full time? So like they are making an advertisement, I will do the same here.
I can help you to find out which stress and traumas are blocking you from full life without mental and physical problems. Feel free to contact me at liliansjoeberg@ gmail.dk (please remove the space that prevents spam emails) and we can talk via a Skype-like connection to find out if HOPE coaching if for you.

The first one with ALS that contact me will get free coaching three sessions or more, so I can find out if  HOPE coaching works with ALS.

If you are the right profile, that is want to spend time to get healed and not too far in the progress of the disease I promise I will follow you with therapy if I can record the sessions. We must show the world that you can get better.

Whatever disease you have, please see this video and come closer to a new belief.
If you have money to spend, I think you should support one of them. I will, by this webpage, spread the word by collecting positive stories.

STOP the devastating beliefs. Everyone has got a chance to unwind the stress in their life.

Be curious, find out why some people have slower progress of the disease, and some even have stopped the development of the disease. Find out what these people have in common.

Mariah Fenton Gladis

I got ALS but lived 37 years with the disease and made a partial recovery doing a lot of therapy and became a famous coach due to her extensive knowledge.

Bernardo Pinto

Is also recovering, and tell about how he does:

  • Mindwork is the most important
  • then exercises (4 hours a day)

Other People

Here a link to a page with a short video with several ALS survivors….. it is possible


A study with a person with ALS that recovered

Here is an ALS patient that receives two sorts of treatment. One being psychotherapy. Even he does not think this is the reason for his healing. I would be curious – what if it is?

Psychotherapy was initiated by the patient after the start of the therapy as a support for the emotional problems associated with his disease and its interpersonal consequences. In his view, however, this was not the major causative factor for his improvement.

Long life with ALS

“5% of ALS patients live longer than 20 years, according to the ALS Association, 

The legendary physicist Stephen Hawking died at age 76. He was diagnosed with ALS at age 21 and was initially given just a few years to live. Let us get curious about why he stayed alive this long.”

North America’s longest-living ALS patient, a Canadian named Steven Wells, has had the condition for almost 40 years. Spend time with him, and you understand his uniqueness in far more interesting ways. Wells is up early each day at his computer (he’s an online day trader), engaging visitors in the limited way he is able, telling stories, talking about the future.”

I can hear that it is very dedicated people that have a great purpose in life, maybe greater than their own life. The life mission helps them survive.

We also have a dane that is surviving more than 30 years with ALS. He is also having a busy day with his computer

Why do we not interview people with ALS and find out what is the mindset for those who die and those who survive.

Then we can help new ALS patients to get new mindsets and therapy.

Pages about healing ALS

Here is a link to another page. I have not read it all, just want to spread the content to the world.

It is a page about people that get better with ALS. I guess there is a lot of therapy, mindfulness, exercise, and other similar mind work and stress release on this page.
Do you have anything to lose? Try it out with the intensity as an Olympic athlete. They do not know if they are winning or losing. But they are trying.

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