Here are some videos I have found about multiple sclerosis survivors.

The first two are using EFT, which I also have found to be very effective in regaining lost movements in your arms and legs.
If you want to improve faster, you can work to eliminate traumas from your past. They might be holding you back from healing.

I once gave therapy to a person that had an arm in a permanent bent position across his stomach. We got it relaxed by trauma therapy. In this case, an old childhood memory about a terrifying moment in his life made his arm clench.

We all have smaller or bigger traumas from our past. It is all part of a 100,000-year-old survival mechanism that works together with our instincts, so we can make fast decisions. But these survival mechanisms are not always working very well in our modern life.

EFT and long-time improvement

Here is a lady that is on her way using EFT – It took you a lot of years to get the disease and of course it will take some years to come back to normal health.

Multiple Sclerosis in a meta-perspective

Here a doctor that is setting things in a meta-perspective.
What she is really talking about is that she has learned to listen to her body and can now interpret the body’s signals.

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