Exercising and the age of your skin

I  found an article stating that our skin is positively affected by exercise. A scientist  studied 65+ people before and after 3 months of exercise. I think you can conduct this experiment on any organ in the human body, and this is a good start. When you read the articles below, think of the following statements of mine:

  • When you exercise, the adrenaline in the body is used up. This reduces stress. A body that is not stressed will always work better than a stressed body, which is why exercise is so beneficial.
  • If we do not use our bodies, the “control centres” in the body, such as the mitochondria which produce energy in the cells, save the energy that ought to be used to rebuild the body.
  • Any skills that you are not using will fade away. Muscles, memory, balance…

I post articles when I find them because we want evidence. But you can also start using your own experiences. Do you feel better after a long walk? Most people do. Then do it more often and when you are in shape, add a kilometre  or two.

Links to articles:

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