Wake up World – It is possible for people with Parkinson’s disease to get better

For the last couple of years I have experimented with a few people who had Parkinson’s disease.

I found out that it is not too difficult to reduce their symptoms by around 60-70% depending on their willingness to invest time and if they are not having too many side effects from medication.

If you listen to the linked video, you will hear that during one hour of dancing something happens. The symptoms are smaller while dancing.

I can explain you the very simple reason.

Due to their past stress, they are caught in biological fight, flight and freeze. Feel free to compare the symptoms for the disease and the instincts that either prepare the body to fight or flight (tremor) or shut down the body (freeze). As I am a biologist it is easy for me to see the signals from the body.

As it is not legal to direct advertising towards ill people, I have no other possibility to get customers than to let you guys spread the word.

I have now finally got the courage to spread the word via  social media and let you guys decide if it is this century the disease is getting an official solution or not.

Look at the signs: dancing, boxing, yoga and meditation helps these people. Why?Because if you get rid of the sharp division between physical and mental diseases you will find a group of diseases that are related to pure biological stress. We are part of the group of animals that have a fine instincts protection. It works even if we have no enemies and no predators hunting us. But our brain and body do not know it so “by mistake” we get stressed several times a day.

All people get different stress signals from their bodies from headaches to high blood pressure and some get tremor or are caught in freeze and cannot move. It is not more complicated than that.

A coach and therapist can help them out of this situation, and I can now claim to be one of the best at this in the world… as I guess there is not a lot of competition 😊

It is not easy and dependent of the stories of their life it can take shorter or longer time. I have to emphasize that it is nobodies fault. It is our instincts that are trying to save us. But if you are stressed for longer periods you will get a sign from your body that something is not ok.

I will make a series of post and hear if the world is ready for this or the strong beliefs of the disease are too hard for me to break.

If you are still in doubt of my words so ask a Parkinson patient about their symptoms. Are they the same every hour of the day? Typically they change in size from hour to hour and most people are aware that it is worse in some situation. Shopping, eating with strangers are two typical situations that will give a person stronger symptoms.  If they are very diseased then asked about their early stage of the disease.

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