??? Break down old beliefs and begin your journey towards better health?.

I will give an online speech TODAY:

How to find the speech:

?   Thursday, the 12 of November.
7 pm Copenhagen
1 pm New York ? (nb!)  
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Use this link to the speech: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85355333965

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I record the speech and send a link to people on my email list, so everyone has a chance to see it. Sign up here
The speech lasts max 1 hour, + I answer some of your questions after this.
Did you see my Facebook post?
One of my Parkinsons clients I invited to a 20 km walk. He now has no symptoms on a typical day.
He now knows his symptoms are very stress-related. Is he cured?- Well, walking 20 km tells us that he is close. He was not even tired after this.
I hope the pictures inspire you to do something about your situation. I can teach you how in my online course.
Get ready for the zoom speech:
Test to get ready to zoomhttps://zoom.us/test and avoid the panic just before the meeting.
In general, computers older than four years might not have both camera and audio. Maybe you can get hold of an iPad.
Or here to get a lot of information on how to connect audio and video
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