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I have treated a Dane with strange symptoms after corona (14 days after the disease ended).
He studied to be an engineer but even Corona had left him he could not always remember the formulas needed. He could not control his thoughts, could not sleep, had problems talking fast.

He had a bad memory, brain fog, dissociation (not being present), and inability to focus.

After one session, all his symptoms were gone.
I will tell you more about how long time it lasts – time will tell. Maybe he needs a couple of sessions more.

It shows me that the symptoms were pure stress-related, as I thought when I heard the description.

The client I treated today was in the “Freeze” instinct, which gives you all these symptoms.

Even I was amazed that I could help him so fast.
His symptoms were all a sign of an overload of the body.

He clearly described how he got into the freeze instinct. When the disease was the worst his thoughts were: “I had to do all I could to survive”.

His body answer to this was to go into the freeze state, where you numb the body and dissociate. If a big predator is close to you and you cannot fight or flight you have to use the primitive freeze instinct response. In this instinct response, the body’s only purpose is to survive via closing down most systems in the body that could attract a predator (speaking) and memory and thoughts and smell are not necessary when you need to survive the next minutes. You do not have a future at that moment – only the urge to survive.

His body waited for the danger to pass, waiting for the tiger to leave. But as there was no tiger he continued to be in the freeze instinct. He thought he was silly but he was not. It was not in his head. It is the body’s superpower. The skills that made us survive in the forest 100.000 years away. Now, these skills play their game with us.

The interesting thing was he had the frozen face as you can see in Parkinson’s people as well.

After the session, he suddenly remembered the appointment at the dentist the need for butter for Christmas evening, the formulas for his homework.

Learn about your instincts here:

Look up your symptoms on the Internet one at a time next to the word stress and see if you can see the connection 🙂 Or get help from me.
It seems like a couple of sessions is enough for the ones that have not chronic diseases.

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