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Mona Laura got the Idea tha more of my clients should have a voice, so here you see a collection my clients that are helping me to speak up.

They are all on different states of getting better or like Nicole seeing the light in my way of helping people with chronic diseases.

Nicole is a author and get her own post due to the lenght of the text.

Heal Parkinsons
All recovering from a life in
Fight-flight and freeze

Laura Turzo

Parkinson’s is not a subtle disease. It’s hallmark effects are painfully obvious: tremor, difficulty with balance and gait, dystonia, stiffness, dyskinesias, all making life extremely difficult. But there are some unseen effects that are sometimes even more of a challenge. Apathy, surrender to inertia, loss of any motivation, loss of the desire to socialize, and even more important, the loss of the desire to create. These are the things that slip quietly away while we’re paying attention to the obvious symptoms.

Working with my coach/therapist Lilian, I dealt with the most intense and challenging symptoms. Many are in the process of resolving. Just recently the finer points that are a result of our working together started to emerge. I found myself socializing more. I’ve created a couple of Facebook groups and initiated some creative activities. This truly makes me feel like I’m coming back to life.

Sometimes the small details get lost in the big picture. But it’s nice to notice them and appreciate them as puzzle pieces fitting together to create the totality of a healthy and happy life.


Why not become better

Michael Ondrachek

My name is Michael Ondrachek and I have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s for 12 years.

Feel free to find me on Facebook via this link. I do not spend much time online, but I will gladly answer questions when I discovered your comment. 

I’ve had quite a few sessions with Lilian since I was her test person. I have benefited fully from this and have regained mobility in my right hand and have 80% less tremor than prior to my diagnosis. I trust, that I will continue to get better and better.

You can find me on Lilian’s web pages and YouTube channel.

Among other things, she gives guidance for increased exercise, and therefore I have started running 5 km 3 times a week. I have discovered that my cramp in my right foot disappears when I have run over 3 km – most days. Some days I can run well over 5 km without cramps in my foot. Sometimes the foot is almost in order all the time and I feel like I can run endlessly.

I am a very slim man who weighs 60 kg and would like to gain weight to 70 kg, so weight and height fit better together. Due to my increased exercise I have lost 2 kg and have started to freeze. To avoid that I had therefore found a weight gain program on the internet.

The program was about eating a surplus of calories using protein powder. It sounded easy for me to drink more calories, but it was not!

I had to eat a normal amount of food for the meals plus two extra meals with protein powder. I was trying to get up to 2000 calories. I was not hungry at all, but I did not listen to my feelings of satiety and ate anyway.

It became a stress factor for me that I was pushing my body. Usually, I have now only a little tremor in the afternoon and evening in my right hand. This protein regimen made me tremor ALL afternoon and evening. I pushed myself to perform more than my body accepted and this stress was enough to give me more symptoms. I got into a vicious circle.

After 3 days I gave up the program again and I decided to stay thin and avoid the shake.

Lilian: This is a good example of why you need to listen to your body. Michael needs much longer time to slowly increase his calorie consumption to 2600 calories which is normal for an active man like Michael. I recommend that he eat a normal diet but increase by 10% at a time and do not go up further until it is natural to eat the increased amount.

Michael heard the signals his body sent to him (it is called interoception). The stomach said stop and the mental pressure he imposed on himself gave him stress and thus more tremor. By getting better and better at listening to your body and resolve the root course you can get a lot better

the artist on this page

M…has giving me a digital versions of her paintings to make this post mere interesting.

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s about 3 years ago, started medication which has been adjusted along the road. I was very shocked, needed to talk about it all, I also needed to know if I could do anything myself.

I have been to a psychologist, and have had acupuncture, body therapy, massage, physiotherapy – but nothing helped.

Coincidentally, I found a post from someone who recommended Lillian, he had experienced that sessions with her it actually helped – and had regained functions, which I had never heard of. I had only heard that the disease is progressive with more and more loss of function .

I have now been coaching with Lillian 4 times, about 2 hours duration per time and I am still surprised and very grateful for the progress that has been. For 9 days I had no symptoms, it actually was like before I was diagnosed. I could suddenly stir a pot quickly, I could walk with both arms swinging, I could use the fine motor skills of the fingers so I can cuddle our cat.

After the lovely nine days I was visited by a good friend who stayed with me for 5 days. It was too much and too long and the symptoms came again.
I walked with short steps, the stiffness in the whole right side came back, slow movements characterized my whole gait.
I got stress symptoms, and despaired over the change. At the same time, I thought that no one could take away from me that I had shortly before had 9 wonderful days completely without symptoms, and this fact gave me the impetus to move forward in the process.
One thing I had become wiser about was that the symptoms came back if I pushed myself and did not notice when the body said STOP (Lilian: it was too much with the friend constantly around her for 5 days).

Another example: I started painting a picture I had to make for an order, but did not feel like it at all. This time I noticed the body’s signals that my hand was getting stiff, my arm felt heavy and the restlessness was creeping up. I put the brush away and started to clean up and as I got moving and thought it was nice to get well, the symptoms disappeared.

This process Lilian has started and I have gotten the hope back that there is actually something I can do to get gradually better both mentally and physically.


Lilians comment:
You have to listen to your body all the time. (It is called interoception). When you start to accept that your body always have a comment on what is going on you always know what to do.

If you are not listening you get a stronger physical answers from your body and we call it symptoms. We have a tendensy to overhear what is going on in our inner universe. Push, pressure, high standards, family habbits and perfectionisme is stopping us from listening to what we need to be comfortable and relaxed.

Bjarne 66 yearss old

“I could no longer hold a coffee cup in my left hand without spilling (my dominant hand). I started using the other hand for almost everything. But it always felt wrong. I dared not go out to eat as I feared what others would think. It was worst with loose rice on a fork. I was also afraid that people would believe I was an alcoholic and therefore had tremors.
Consequently, I would not sit next to people I did not know at parties.
I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s by a dat-scan when I was 62. I had noticed that my symptoms followed my stress.
I started mindfulness and can feel that it helps.
When I was calm, I had no symptoms at all, and when I was stressed, I got more symptoms.
I saw that Lilian offered an online lecture, but since I do not have a proper computer.
I contacted her directly to get therapy. I got a few sessions where we went through a horrible childhood trauma where my dad beat my mom. I threw the cat at him, and he disappeared forever from our lives.
It was scary to rediscover that trauma from childhood but comfortable to get through it. I had pushed my childhood memories far away and never thought that my childhood memories would significantly impact my adult life.
There were also a few other things we went through e.g.—the grief of my sister’s death.
The therapy was a good investment. I now have only 30-40% of my tremors left, and they do not come every day at all.
I think I can get rid of the last symptoms myself. If not, I will get more help.
I use my left hand again without thinking about it. I have no problem when I’m dining out. I do not speculate about it anymore.
The neurologist did not think I had the right Parkinson’s symptoms after therapy with Lilian and sent me for a new scan and I do NOT have the diagnosis anymore.
I’ve got more freedom since I’m not nervous about anything. So getting rid of Parkinson’s has helped a lot.
My best advice is:
  1. You should not think about what others think about your shaking.
  2. You must try all the possibilities there are. It does not help to say “it is a pity for me.”
  3. Do not believe everything the doctors say. Doctors are very hostile towards alternative ideas, and they also make money by writing prescriptions and making money on medicine.
  4. You must investigate alternative theories and ideas yourself. I have researched a lot about Parkinson’s.
Contact Lilian if you want to know more. I only speak Danish and only understand English to some extent.”

Why is these good things happening?

Step 1:

  • Let go of the belief that you can do nothing
  • Bust the myth that the body is seperated in a mental and physical part
  • Get into action

I  can make an online course in your club so you can understand the principles.

Lilians comments

“The brain is working in the dark relying on the sensory input you get.
If a situation remind you about an old painful episode you are put into fight flight and freeze instincts and you get more symptoms.”

People often ask what I do to help people.
It depends on what is stressing you. If your daily day is the problem, we must stop it and find out.

A mother of 7 children might need a way to unload tasks to that whole family and get some ME time.
A busy person in a full-time job needs new strategies to calm down.
A person with many intense feelings needs to interpret these natural signals and learn how to think differently.

If you are not in acute stress, trauma healing ( from childhood or accidents?) is the most efficient.

I do not call it trauma; I call it one of the body's superpowers together with Fight, Flight, and freeze stress response. We are all caught in these several times a day. But if you are stuck in your instincts, your body is not working.

Digestion, cell division, memory, wound healing is getting a lower supply of energy. The body's attention is on survival. Our brain is operating in the dark and often misinterpret the situation and prepare for fight, flight, and freeze. That is why we survived in the ancient woods 100.000 years ago. Why care about digestion and healing if you get eaten by a predator within 2 minutes.

If you want to become better, you must react via more exercise to burn off excess adrenaline that has build-up or find the root course to why senses and brain put you in your instincts. And how do I help people with trauma healing? That story you need to try out yourself. But why not get a free intro meeting with me and find out how I can help you. There must be a reason you are reading this 🙂
Lilian Sjøberg

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